Here is my Survey Form project

All feedback welcome.

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You did a good job! But I’d say it works but looks rather basic. You should probably mess around with css a little bit more (color scheme, fonts and other stuff) and you should definitely come back to this project after learning some front end frameworks like bootstrap.

could be more responsive, try using relative units based on vw% I think that would go a long way

the use of radio buttons for the technologies studied is inappropriate since by nature radio buttons are a one choice only type of thing and it would be a very valid answer to select all of those options.

Perhaps a choice of primary platform desktop / mobile or some other sort of yes / no answer

Good job

It’s really good - but I would style the inputs a little; maybe some bootstrap?

Hover over the submit button makes the whole section move.
Easy to read font, matching colors.
The input-fields could use some styling, if you are unsure yourself about that there are good frameworks like bootstrap and materialize that can do the work for you.