Here is my tribute page project

It’s completely different to study and to do things

See the Yogananda Tribute Page


Hey man,
-Very nice tribute page.
–I like how you used a orange background for the page because it really attracts attention to the page and keeps your eyes right on it.
—I thought it was interesting that you used a class to make the “box” all your stuff went into. I used a ‘card’ with Bootstrap 4 which is what ‘well’ was in Bootstrap 3 (the one we learned in the lessons here).
----check out my Tribute Page to see what I mean.

@Alkraam I, like @Zip, like your orange background!

I like that you’re using a <body> element. Consider also using a <head> element as those two elements are important for proper HTML markup. You’ll also want to nest everything within an <html> element. I like that you use the <footer> element too. :slight_smile: Look at these other HTML5 semantic elements you can use as well.

You’re using inline styles in your HTML like <strong>, <em>, and style="text-align:center;". Some say that this is not the best practice as it’s ideal to separate the function (HTML) and design (CSS). Here’s a good resource for learning more about that.

These two CSS selectors: div.polaroid and div.polaroidContainer can be written like this: .polaroid and .polaroidContainer. Here’s more information about CSS Selectors in case you want to learn more about this.

Back to your colors, you may want to change the color for your anchor elements (<a>) since you’re using an orange background. This Contrast Checker shows that those two colors don’t mix well with one another in terms of maximum accessibility and visibility.

Other than these issues, everything else looks great!


Thanks for the tips @camper!
-I just saw a vid last night were someone said it was bad practice to use inline styles. thanks for seconding that.
–And especially thanks for all the links, those are a great resource.

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Terrific first project!

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