Here's my force-directed graph


For some reason, the graph has poor frame rate on Firefox (on my laptop at least)

It looks nice! And it works fine for me on Firefox.

Thanks :smiley:

The flags move smoothly? On Firefox in my laptop the flags are taking their time to move :sweat_smile:

With the exception of moving them around with your mouse, the animations run relatively smoothly. But I just tested it with Chrome and there is indeed an enormous difference with Firefox…

Just tested it on Firefox beta and it works way better than on the standard version.

Lots of people are praising FF beta for it’s speed. I should try it tomorrow

Hey, very cool. The first time I loaded it with Chrome, the flags were all the same (the first one from the sprite) and there were lots of errors in console. I tried reproducing the error by setting a slow network throttle from Chrome’s dev tools and it appears related to a slow connection. I’m not familiar with D3 so I’m not able to give further infos, though, sorry!

Aside from that it looks very good (performance is better on Chrome and Firefox beta as @BenGitter said), nice job!


I also experienced the same-flags problem and thought it was just a glitch with the dev-server or something, but I can’t seem to reproduce it on Chrome. Thanks for the screenshot though

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