Here's my very first attempt at a tribute page

I would love your feedback and advice…

It is hard to read the text in the Filmography section. The dark text sometimes blends with the darker parts of the background image.

randelldawson, thanks for your feedback! I made a quick change and added the “text-primary” class to that. Is the blue any better or should I just change the background image since it contains so much varied contrast?

Maybe if you tried making the background image lighter that might help. Maybe change the background image opacity and go back to the black text.

Awsome!! ChasJCarter. Could you please check out my created tribute page here Abulcasis Tribute Page and give feedback? Thanks.

It looks good. The only thing i would change is your use of the !important rule in CSS. Try to always make that a last resort and instead use other forms of specificity such as classes and id tags. You can always change those with another class or id tag or added specificity using a combination of those… But !important is nearly impossible to override. Again, your page looks great.

Thanks for the feedback :+1: