Here's the link to my portfolio page

Any feedback is welcome :smiley:
  1. Amateur Web Developer. You need background of shadow here. Because it is really hard to read this color on such background
  2. Small padding and margin on the left and right corner of the page. Should it be like that, or you forgot to fix it in css?
  3. No responsive. Try to fix styling when you are in mobile version. Top menu, background, your name.
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Thatโ€™s a nice portfolio Good Job!
Regarding the design and UI, I really liked your use of color and imaging. They really match together and give a specific vibe to the user.
The content is self-explanatory and concise also the gridding for the projects tab as well as having navigation links on the top are really professional. You might reuse many of these in your future projects.

As far as the next steps:
Regarding the design, you could shrink the size of the contact us section if itโ€™s meant to be just a footer.
You could also change the link you have for the href of email in the contact us. That could open the mail app of the user to compose an email being sent to your email address.

Nice job again on everything and good luck!

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Thanks I appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

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