Heroku mern app showing 304 not modified


my heroku mern app blog is showing 304 not modified and it has an automatic get request upon starting to show all articles. Now the deployed blog shows continuous get requests and doesnt stop. also my footer pushes up on the deployed blog but not locally.
please help me fix this.

my app.js frontend

my server.js

and the 304 continuous GET requests

Hey there!

In the future, please do not post screenshots of your errors.

This lowers the chance that someone will help you, because they have to read and type a very long error message into a search engine, because they can’t copy from your screenshots.

When you post the error as text, e.g. by using backticks,

`your code`

then other people can simply copy and paste it.

Also please provide us your code instead of letting us ask for it. You can do this on GitHub or GitLab.

those screenshots were meant for another post sorry.

i sorted it out now by updating my database. Thanks for your feedback.