¿Heroku or c9.io for Backend Projects?

Well, I’m starting with BackEnd Projects, but I have a problem. The rules say: Note that for each project, you should create a new GitHub repository and a new Heroku project.

All the above reference point to this. C9.io platform.

I’m confuse. Other thing: Heroku free account only allow one project.

¿Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Cloud 9 is a development environment. Heroku is a hosting environment.
Heroku will let you host multiple projects.

So you need to host things on Heroku and if you don’t have a local development environment Cloud 9 can handle it for you. Cloud 9 also makes it easier to get help with your projects.

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Yeap, I check the plattform and can host many projects on Heroku :blush:

I was confused with this [1 Web]

Thanks for the clartification.

P.D. c9.io can show the project running too. ¿Why don’t publish the link of c9.io?

I am not sure what you are asking.

c9.io link should also be valid on the submit form. ¿Not?

Since c9.io allow share publicly the app running, the link on Heroku should be optional.

Yeah I think it should take a c9.io address. It should take any address.

The problem is the rule #2: :disappointed_relieved:

Note that for each project, you should create a new GitHub repository and a new Heroku project.

I’m not sure if you can host multiple projects with c9 with a free account so that might be a problem.
Having a git repo for each project isn’t a problem though.
If you can host multiple projects at c9 than you shouldn’t need Heroku and I don’t think anyone will care.
If you can’t then you can still deploy to Heroku from c9.

C9 allows unlimited public projects even on a free account so you can use it for all of them, with each having their own Github repository and Cloud9 project.

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The problem with ‘hosting’ on c9 is that c9 isn’t really a hosting service. Anything you run on c9 will shut itself down within a few hours, whereas on Heroku it will keep running indefinitely. So if someone wants to look at how your software works in the weeks or months to come, it’ll need to be running on Heroku…


Thanks that’s kind if what I was thinking it might do.
It won’t spin up on demand like Heroku,

Thanks for clearing it up.