Hey another problem

Hey 1) there was a problem were I couldn’t access my old account just the other day, and then 2) there was another problem with the automated system, but someone fixed it and it’s all fine now, and now there’s another problem when I came back, 3) something went wrong with my question, it disappear - https://forum.freecodecamp.org/t/vertical-nav-experts/479892

I can’t message this to the person I was talking to because it seems there’s a limit to messages in a chat/conversation so yea

Edit: Logged out and relogged in, and had the same exact problem of not being able to relog back in. Then I had to reset password. So it’s definitely must be one of the extensions. Gonna find what could be causing this…

Edit: Lesson, for online accounts use less extensions…

Edit: Found out which extension it was…

This is part of why I wanted you to log into your original account. You’ll need to recreate the topic.

We deleted your original account so that you could use this new one. The posts on the original account are now gone too.

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Since I am one of the moderators I was able to have access to the deleted topic and read your reply.

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