Hey guys, new girl in town! Here is my tribute page! (Van Gogh)

Hey guys, new girl in town!
Here is a link to my tribute page about Vincent Van Gogh!
Feedbacks would be greatly appreciated! Really!
Tribute Page

Nice work. I learned some things.

The modern best practice is to keep only the semantic structure of the page in HTML. (The sections, headers, footers etc.) The “look” of the page goes into the stylesheet. So for example move all the inline styles you have into your CSS file. Instead of b and u tags, define CSS classes with meaningful names like “date” or “important-text” etc and use them with spans and divs. Seeing as you are using bootstrap anyway, take advantage of the builtin classes it has for some of these things to help maintain a consistent look.

I don’t mean to say that what you did was “wrong.” It’s just that separating look from structure is a good thing especially when you move on to more complicated pages and apps.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I will definitely work into that and review my codes.
I’m working on my portfolio right now and I hope to get feedbacks about that project too. I will post my link as soon as done!!
And of course not, I can’t take any offense regarding your comments, I can only grow from the them.
They are what I’m asking for!!
Thank you!