Hey ,here's my project!

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Hey @AnkitAgrawal!
Welcome to FCC Forum!

What project is this?

I am a newbie so I don’t know what project is it.

I think it’s a self-project because he didn’t wrote it in codepen
Anyway The project seems really good !
Colors are smooth
The page is responsive !
Keep Going!

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Hey @AnkitAgrawal!

Anyway i like your project. It is good.

It’s a bmi calculator

What is codepen ??? ?

Hey @AnkitAgrawal!
Do You do Responsive Web Design courses in freeCodeCamp?

it’s a software in which you can write you html css code there .When you go to the responsive web design project you’ll see the link of codepen and also a similar project to get the idea

just to avoid any confusion, CodePen is not mandatory, it’s suggested because there is nothing to setup, and one can code and see the output of the code immediately, so beginners to not have to worry about anything else other than coding

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