Hey ,how i can finish the last test?

personal portfolio

You need to use all the Responsive Web Design skills you learned so far. Try to get the three links to the top right of the page by using positioning or CSS flexbox or so. See that you link each of these links to the three sections of your page. The first section should include some content about you and should be equal in height to the height of the screen on which it is viewed. For that, check out the lesson on relative sizing of elements depending on viewport height and width. The second one should have an image of at least one project that you have made so far along with a link to it. And the third one should have a link to your external/fCC profile. Make sure you execute all use cases.
That’s it!

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First, Remove the MEDIA QUERIES… They are distorting your code. Then, make a list of anything else that you has questions on…

The Media Queries can be added back once you have finished your page.

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It is confusing that you named your pen Technical Documentation Page when it is for the Portfolio page. Click the pen icon to the right of the name and rename it.

For the last test to pass revisit the Lock an Element to the Browser Window with Fixed Positioning challenge.

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