Hey! Introduce yourself to your fellow Hyderabadis

Hi, I am Sai Rayanapati, a big fan of FCC who recently moved to Hyderabad from the US. I have a lot of experience in the software industry (www.linkedin.com/in/sairayanapati) but use FCC curriculum to keep my skills up to date. I am looking to co-learn, motivate each other and hopefully use my experience to help passionate coders break into the software industry.

Once we get a handful of people joining, we can discuss arranging the first meet up.


Hi Sai,

This is a great initiative from your coming from such an amazing experience in the field. Thank you!

Can a novice join the group?

Hi George! Yes, this is a study group based in Hyderabad that learns together FCC curriculum and all skill levels are welcome.

Hi guys,

My name is Jeni Elena and I am as “absolute newbie” as one can be. My objective is to learn to create mobile apps (hopefully in the not too distant future) but have zero understanding of anything vaguely “tech-related”. So, I started at the very beginning - doing an online CS50 course through EdX with first module “Understanding Technology”.

I just started work on my very first assignment yesterday (which is super basic - to create a HTML/CSS coded site with a few basic elements in it). I find it super exciting and fun!

However, trying to learn remotely with no “tech savvy” circle of peers around me, let alone a teacher or mentor, makes it even more challenging.

I hope (at least some of) you will be patient enough with the “stupid beginners questions” I’ll invariably be posting at first and help me get it right, so I can in time, help you (or others) in return.

I look forward to getting to know you all and thank you in advance for your help and patience!


Hi Jeni, thanks for your message. We, along with the rest of the FCC online community, will surely help however we can in your tech journey. FCC forums are quite active with people willing to help. Please note this study group is meant for people staying in Hyderabad, India who can meet regularly in person and make progress in FCC curriculum.


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Thank you Sai!

I only realized that after I posted (which should already show you how clueless I am about the environment! :see_no_evil:).

Having said that, in my experience (as a client of developers in the past) some of the best and most knowledgeable developers I’ve used (I worked in marketing and events so often had to launch sites) were in India, so there’s a lot I can learn from you, bright guys!

I hope you won’t hold the fact that I’m based on the other side of the world against me and we can help each other along the way regardless!


This is Shadab. Working in TCS.
Working with nodejs and blockchain technologies.

Where and when people are meeting .Is there any place for it?

Hi Shadab, nice to see you join ! Currently you and I are the ones who are local to Hyderabad in this group. Let us wait for 1-2 more folks to join and we can figure out the logistics for our first meet and code session.
Btw, which area of FCC curriculum you are currently working on?

I’m pretty much a starter myself and would be willing to help in any way possible. If you’re interested in a coding buddy to motivate each other, hmu. I hope that you excel through this phase and become a great developer.

Thank you, Georgeontech!
Look forward to collaborating! :heart:

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