Hey let me know what you think about my markdown previewer


I would like to get your feedback on my markdown previewer. You can find Version 90 here. Thanks for any feedback and have a great day!

Note: This link is now to Version 91, like all of the other links.

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I commented my code and fixed a few bugs. Do you think I should submit version 91 found here. Thanks for any feedback.

I just loved it :slight_smile:

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ShuBham10200 thanks a lot!

Inline code and code blocks are hard to read. There’s not enough contrast with black text inside of dark grey.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion Roma. Do you think it’s better now? This is still version 91 right here. Now I changed the text color to white and the background to green. Let me know. Thanks again.

That looks better Taz. I didn’t use it but you can check using the Contrast Checker