HEY YOU! Please check out my project

After a couple of days, my Tech Page is now somewhat finished… I said “somewhat” because originally I had planned on doing a lot more content. I left it all in the markup, but commented it out. It just got draining (if I am honest) copying the text from another source.

Also, while this covers Bootstrap 4, I didn’t use Bootstrap. I did load the library because I was hoping to get Scrollspy to work, but I just couldn’t get it figured out. I think it has to do with my container being fixed and Scrollspy requires relative. But, I also didn’t understand what was happening. Hopefully when I get to the JavaScript stuff it will make more sense.

I know we kind of have the tendency to view and not comment, but please, I don’t get much feedback and that really hurts in trying to get better. So, please, if you click the link and check out my Tech page, please come back and comment. I would really appreciate it. Honestly.

PS - I didn’t copy any code or look at any code from Bootstrap or the FCC sample. This was all by me and duckduckgo searches.


You passed all test but 1.
I think if you place your nav on the left, and shrink the space taken through media query that you should be able to see the nav even on smaller screens.

I’m still working on this project myself, so …

I’m using Chrome.
How strange, it passed this time.

I’m sorry.

Anyway, good work on this one. Especially about Bootstrap without Bootstrap :blush:

Thank you. I have a couple of more changes to make, but then I will ping you and ask for feedback.

Good job!:+1::+1: I think it was a brilliant idea to follow an existing documentation. Here is a simple example I have created for understanding scrollspy in bootstrap.
hope this will help.
Other than that you can also work on adding twitter/GitHub/slack icons in your navbar as well collapse button to top navbar for small screen devices. I did not find any bug as such. Passed all the tests on edge and chrome.