Hi! Can I delete the CodePen projects after I got my certification?


I got my responsive web design certification. As you all know it’s easy to build the projects on CodePen for these final projects.

I did learn a lot but I did not spend so much time styling the projects so I would like to delete them from my CodePen account. Is it ok if I do that? Or do they need to be up for further checks by FreeCodeCamp?

Thank you!

I do not suggest deleting your work, at least at this stage.

As the certificate by itself doesn’t mean much without the work to show for it.

This is especially important if you plan on applying for jobs later and need content for your portfolio. Anything is better than nothing, and until you have more impressive projects to show off later, I’d leave them sitting around to “pad your portfolio”.



Thank you for your answer. The fact is I already got a portfolio page. I re did all the projects with more styling and attention to detail because I wanted to use VS Code for editing and GitHub Pages for hosting them.

So basically I have an improved version of all projects already on display. That’s why I would like to delete them. So people don’t get confused when they see my CodePen account for checking out other projects that I do intend to leave there.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond to my question! It is really much appreciated and great advice.

You would basically be deleting the justification as to why your certificate is valid. I really would not do this.

Couldn’t the user update their certification projects as long as the new projects still meet the requirements?

Sure. In that case I would make sure the links to the projects get updated on fCC to maintain a connection between the certificate and the justification as to its validity.

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