Hi! can I receive some help in step 112, please?

This is the link to the step where I am

Please always provide an exact link and provide the code you are trying.

Better yet, after you failed the test a few times a “?” icon will pop up that will help you do this automatically.

what this link does not work?

This link only takes us to the project as a whole. And we can’t see your code - that is stored on your browser.

If you just follow the instructions I gave you, it will do that all for you, in a nice pretty package.

You are alright, dear Kevin. But I should thank you for moving out to help me. I could figure it out and pass forward. The mistake was that I put a space at wrong place. like this

background: radial-gradient (
*** #ffcf33,***
*** #ffcf33 20%,***
*** #ffff66 21%,***
*** #bbeeff 100%***
*** );***
As you can see between “radial-gradient” and the opening parenthesis there is a space. But it is fine now. I attach a picture of how it was for you to see it beeter.

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Let me say thank you because I did not expect someone to react so quickly.

Is there a reason for the space after the “radial-gradient” and the parenthesis (“)”) that follows it? I think that is confusing the test.

In the future, if you fail the test a certain number of times, this button will appear:

If you press that, you will be given the option to ask for help on the forum. It will automatically fill in with the information we need - you just need to ask your question. It will make it easier to help you.

I did not know that. :sweat_smile: Thanks once again! I will surely remember your advice.

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