Hi check out mu tribute page to freeCodeCamp

Very nice project and a good start.

You gotta get ride of the horizontal scrolling bar, arrrhh how I hate that on websites. check out bootstrap again, think you need to wrap it in container-fluid class. Just check it up, I can’t remember.

Just a few things to note and good practice:

  • choose your class, id names appropriately. They should be descriptive but at the same time versatile. e.g. you have used section3, section4 etc. Would if your boss says to delete section 3 or add a new section between 1 and 2. Then what? Will you go and change all the other section names?

  • you need to revise html tags. Not everything is about divs. You can use header, nav section, article etc tag to better explain your html, not to just another coder but to search engines.

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hey! thanks a lot for the great feedback! I will make the changes!

Thanks Buddy!