Hi everyone. Can you guys give some feedback please

Hi everyone. I’m new in the freecodecamp and forum. I just finished my Tribute Page. Can you guys give some feedback please?



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Hi @jhonsstn,
I love Spidey, one of my fav superheroes.

Some feedback for writing code in codepen:

  • you don’t need to puth head in the HTML section, only body section
  • everything in head can goes to Settings -> HTML -> Stuff for head
  • you can format your code, so it looks nicer Settings -> Behavior -> Format on Save

for the project I change this two line in you media query so the image doesn’t bleed out of its parent width

        width: 100%;
/*      min-width: 80vw; */
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Thanks for the feed @padunk.

Awesome tips about codepen. I didn’t know there were these settings.

About the media query, it was intentional. I was trying to make the image bigger on a smaller screen.

PS: I ended up applying your suggestion anyway lol