Hi everyone can you guys take a look at my project landing page and give feedback please

So a couple things I noticed from a quick glance:

  1. The logo in the header looks a little funny. It’s not quite centered. I would either make it the same height as the header or maybe just center it vertically. Maybe even see if you can find an apple logo that doesn’t have that white background.
  2. When I hit the submit button at the bottom it redirected me … somewhere? It was just a blank page.
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In terms of your code, a couple more things.

  1. Some of your images don’t have alt’s.
  2. Work on your indentation. Your opening and closing tags for the same element should be vertically aligned. It really helps for code readability.
  3. If a line of code is too long, it should start again on the next line, but indented 2 spaces. (like in your h3 around line 117, the text is long so you just started at the beginning of the next line. You should indent it from where the previous line started.)
  4. In your CSS, some rules have a space between the tag and the curly bracket, others don’t. Try for consistency.

Hope that’s helpful!

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Thanks all of this was helpful!

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