Hi everyone! I have problem with my certification project

I just made the last (PersonalPortfolio) certification project,i made everything,but unfortnatelly the test say i have to make at least one medai query.I made it and works fine,but the test don’t accept my project.What should i do now?Thank you for the answer.
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you should share your code, it’s the best way to get help

Thank you for the quick answer.Here is the link to my code:
Personal Portfolio Webpage: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage | freeCodeCamp.org

that is the link to the project, but your code is not there, you need to share the code manually

Sorry for the late answer.I made a Github account and upload my code ,because this site give me an error as new forum user.
XJVA/Project (github.com)

Unfortunatelly the test says the same when i made more or other media query

Seems like it is because you have the stylesheet link twice.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

Remove the one that isn’t inside the head element. Also, move the font-awesome stylesheet inside it as well.

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Thank you so much.It was the problem!