Hi. Fellow campers. It's been 4 days and no one has given any feedback on my Portfolio project. Please let me know what you think

Looking for honest feedback on this project.
I am new to bootstrap. For campers that used bootstrap, I have a question. Did you feel like you were swimming in <div> soup ?

link to codepen

Changed the link method to the codepen of my portfolio.
Can now be seen full page.

hi … the bootstrap works fine … but in design i dont like …

before to develop any website:
1- update your creativity with this page:

  1. Find a logo:
    this page works for me:

  2. Generate a palette color:
    when you select the logo, pick up any color of the logo and generate the palette… I love this page.

  3. Design a template in illustrator or photoshop with the color and fonts with the grid of bootstrap…

  4. code it with bootstrap …

saludos … :+1:

Thank you for the reply and honest feedback.
I will check out the links and sugestions you have provided.