Hi freeCodeCamp, my name's Tim and I publish free open source CC/MIT licensed courses on building products using javascript on youtube & github

Hi freeCodeCamp!

My name’s Tim and I thought you might be interested in the stuff I do.
For the past ~9 months I’ve been publishing free open source courses about “Build products with javascript”.
All materials are published absolutely free, without any ads and under permissive licenses (MIT for code, Creative Commons for videos).

The first course I did is finished and contains 11 videos that go through the process of creating the client-server application using javascript (node.js, react, webpack, that kind of stuff).
Those videos cover all the process of creating the app:

  • figuring out the idea,
  • setting up a project with git,
  • picking a database,
  • using docker for development and deployment,
  • building REST API,
  • building web app client for that API with React/webpack/etc,
  • unit testing all that,
  • and finally - (continuously) deploying it with docker.

Additionally, per request of some viewers, I livestreamed the process of development that preceded the explanatory videos.
There are 13 livestreams that cover most of the explanatory video I did.

The second course is currently in progress - I am building an Electron.js desktop app that streams videos from multiple sources (think Kodi, but in JS).
Currently working on Crunchyroll integration with more following after I’m done with this.
As for the first course - I’m also doing livestreams if you are interested in more detailed look into coding such things.

I am generally happy to answer any questions you might have about the stuff I publish (or just javascript), so feel free to ask here, or on our cozy Discord server.

Hope some of you will find this info interesting.
Have an awesome rest of the week! :smiley:

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