Hi friends give feedback my project Tribute page

I have created a tribute page using media query and made it responsive. Kindly download and unzip the file to give feedback my project. Give some suggestion for further improvement.
Thanks. Click the link below

For faster feedback better and for the convenience of others please use Codepen.

Your gallery images have to look better at < 720 viewport. It is most important thing in your project what I suggest to fix.

Another one is READ MORE link. It is really close to your gallery block. And on desktop viewport it has really big font size



I don’t like a color sheme because it is too strong colors with a huge contrast. I prefer to make your blue color to #7b69ff or #4d59ff and mix it with #ffcd4d and #ff744d or any other you like. If you’re not sure what color to choose you can use online color wheel like this one color wheel.

A lot of space to bottom.

Your page breaks off to bottom and we see a half of your name and it happens because of your footer fix height. And another white space you have about your float elements.

I suggest you to read more about grid systems and try to build your own
grid system. I like Zell Liew article but you can use another tutorial.

Anyway your project looks good. A little work with grid system and it will be much better.

By the way I suggest to learn how to build your own grid system but you better use a grid system that alreay exists first(Bootstra etc.). Because it is important to understand how does it work but more important thing is continue to make new project. With ready libraries it’ll be much faster.

See ya!

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I second the request by @CallMeFrank that you need to provide a link to a full working version of your github code. You will get more responses, because people do not have to download and install anything on their own system just to give you feedback.