Hi guys can you take a look at my technical documentation page and tell me what you think please?

This webpage isn’t responsive. Try narrowing the window, and content starts disappearing off the screen. Also, the choice of font is hard to read at the font size you chose. “Large/small caps” fonts may look good for titles, but sans serif normal case fonts are the norm for technical documentation page content (headings is up to you).

Also, try hovering over the “Javascript Intro” in the navbar, and it triggers a new layout. Not great. You may want to mess around with the padding there.

I see what you mean. On a phone it looks completely different I had to get on my phone to understand. Still have a ways to go with this project. Thanks I’ll keep working.

You don’t need to wait and check it on your phone to see if a page is reponsive or not. Just open Responsive Design Mode in Firefox (Ctrl + Shift + M) or Toggle Device Toolbar in Chrome’s Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + I > Ctrl + Shift + M) and once there, resize the viewport.


You need to come up with your own content and not just copy and paste from https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Getting_started_with_the_web/JavaScript_basics.

@RandellDawson I appreciate the feedback. My intentions was not to show that I had a thorough knowledge of JavaScript I can ensure you I don’t. If it came across like I was passing that off as my knowledge it is not, and I apologize. I didn’t think the words I used on this project was the most important part.

Either way, plagiarism goes against Free Code Camps’ Academic Honesty policy.

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Thanks. I don’t know why I forgot that that existed. The presets are very useful. I have just been docking the dev tools (F12) to the right and dragging the vertical bar.

@vipatron yup, they are very useful, glad I could help.

That’s a little harsh, @RandellDawson. The project example in FCC codepen is as well a copy of MDN’s content, and I don’t see any problem at all. It’s not fair to call @Bls with those words when the example provided by FCC is the same.

MDN content copyright and licenses terms establishes that you can copy, redistribute, remix and adapt through any medium their content (even commercially). They only ask to give them credits and link to their official website content, which is what @Bls project lacks and FCC example has.


@2alin That is a fair point. I guess I like to see projects with original content vs. the copy/paste variety. These projects should portray each camper’s own sense of individuality.

I am merely giving my two cents worth, because the OP posted under Project Feedback. My feedback is the project lacks original content.

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Yup, and I agree with you there. The best way to make a student better is to ask more from them in order to increase their creativity. It was only the word ‘plagiarism’ that I felt it was unfair to use. @Bls is just starting and it’s good for him to know that there’s not only black and white in terms of content copyright. Nevertheless, he needs to give credits to the original author, like FCC did.

Cheers @RandellDawson, and thank you for hard work in the community :slight_smile: .

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