Hi guys! can you take a look at this ? i can't hit a perfect score and i need help


The easiest way to get a perfect score is to have a look at the popup when you run the tests:

Error #1: My product landing page should have a element with corresponding id=“header”.

You have the <header element, but it does not have the id="header" attribute.

#2: I can see an image within the #header element with a corresponding id=“header-img”. A company logo would make a good image here.

You don’t seem to have an <img> tag anywhere. The lesson wants one within the <header> tag, so your header will end up looking a bit like:


with header text and other attributes added.

And so on, for any other errors reported.


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I’d suggest you put the links at the side of the page so I can access them whenever I want. At al else, you did great. I love the fonts and colors you picked.

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Hi @Prometheus03, your page looks good but a couple of things you may want to revisit.

  • if you surround your <code> with <pre> tags you won’t need to use <b>
  • if you notice, stdio.h and error.h don’t appear on your page and show up as errors when you run your code through a validator. You cannot put them in the greater than/less than tags because HTML thinks they’re (invalid) HTML elements. You need to use the HTML entities for greater than and less than.

hey hi! thanks for the orientations. i made some adjustments , let me know what you think

Looks really good @Prometheus03. You missed changing the entities for <error.h>. It’s at the end of the first paragraph in ‘Error Handling’.

@Roma fixed! thanks again

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Good job! You’re welcome