Hi i got some suggestion for the curriculum page

I would like to “save” what element i got open and what is collapsed, becouse sometimes i want to see how many exercises i need to finish the course.
And i need to open it again and again.
It shouldnt be difficoult and it would really help i think.

Also it would be great if it dosnt only mark the finished exercises but also mark the finished courses.

yea, this would be really nice :wink:


I was going to make my own topic but this one is similar to my suggestion.

Every time I open the curriculum page it automatically opens the Responsive Web Design => Introduction to Basic HTML and HTML5.

Each time I have to click to close that part of the dropdown and navigate to my current progress. If it could default to opening no dropdown, or even save where you were before it would save a lot of clicks.


Yes please! I have the same problem as @SnowdenWintermute. The curriculum page always opens ‘Basic HTML’ by default, despite the fact that I’m midway through the Javascript section. Just a minor annoyance.

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Hi guys, I also came here to ask the question that @SnowdenWintermute asked.

Do you know if they are working on this? It is a bit frustrating to close the drop-downs and open where you left off.

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Came to the forum to ask exactly this! This post was back in June…it’s now October.

Wonder if there is an issue open on their GitHub page…

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