Hi. I'm a programming Newbie

I just learned Basics of HTML and need recommendations on tools I can use to practice. Any assistance will be sincerely appreciated.

I have many questions… example, What software can I use to code and how do I create or design new website.

Well, the first stop would be the FCC curriculum. As to software to use, when starting out there are some browser based IDEs that will work for simple learning. On your computer itself, you can use any text editor (not word processor) but there are some coding specific editors like VS Code, Atom, Web Storm, Sublime, etc. - some are free. Eventually you’ll want to develop in a terminal window with something like webpack.

But that’s getting ahead of yourself. For right now, just learn. If you go onto youtube, there are plenty of videos on how to build a simple web site from scratch, some of them made by FCC.

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Wow. Thank you Sir. I actually learned the basics of HTML on FCC. I was not sure which text editor on my computer I could use to practice. I will look up some of the ones you mentioned above. I am truly grateful.

Well, I would highly recommend continuing with the FCC curriculum. Around the time you start doing the JavaScript libraries section is when you’re going to want to think about doing things locally on your own editor, but even then some people still tough it out and use the browser bases solutions (codepen, jsfiddle, etc.) Once you get passed that it gets difficult to not develop locally. But you have some time before you get there.

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Hi @abrahamkudadze!

Welcome to the forum!

The best practice you will get is through building projects.
So I would advise you to continue onto the css portion of the Responsive Design course. Once you complete all of the lessons then you can start the 5 projects at the end.

After you have some practice building basic pages with html and css then you can start to look into building multi page websites.

If you want to add any type of interactivity to the site then that will require javascript which is taught in the next courses.

You already recieved some great options for code editors.
I personally like to use vs code.

But as mentioned earlier, since you are pretty early into the curriculum, I would stick with the online editor in the fcc challenges.

Once you get to the projects, than you can decide where you want to build those projects.

Hope that helps!

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Definitely! I really liked the FCC curriculum. I intend to keep taking the courses as they were very easy to understand. I hope to complete the remaining courses in 2 weeks at the most. It has been a fun experience for me so far.

Thank you for all the insightful comments. I am able to connect the dots now. I will continue with the CSS courses as soon as possible. I guess I still have a few things to learn to make my coding experience super cool. Thank you for your assistance once again. I hope to get more pointers from you in the future :slight_smile: