Hi, I'm new to freecodecamp and have a quick question

I had someone told me about meetup and freecodecamp group thing pop up this is so cool. I was currently about to enroll into a payed course but not anymore. I am interested in java or javascript does freecodecamp offer any? Thanks for the help.

FCC offers pretty extensive javascript projects/algorithms etc. You learn plain vanilla JS, Node.js and can branch out your learning however you see fit

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And just to be clear Java and JavaScript are not the same thing. They share some syntax (both being descended from C) but are not the same thing. FCC is a great introduction to JavaScript, but will not teach you Java.

JavaScript is a language used on websites but also for building servers. Java can build servers and has some other applications.

They both have different applications, with some overlap. It really depends on what you want to do. And in reality, there’s nothing wrong with learning both eventually.

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Thank You but someone please link me javascript class btw I don’t want to do websites thanks.

I think I see what you’re saying… the meetups are not classes, they are a group of people who are taking / or haven taken the FreeCodeCamp classes to work on the online lessons together or just to generally talk coding so if you were considering a boot camp, going to meetups alone definitely is not a substitute for actually taking a class.

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It’s unclear if you mean that you don’t want to learn from web sites or that you are saying that you don’t want to learn how to build web sites.

The main purpose of learning javascript has to do with building web sites. So, if you don’t wan’t to learn how to build web sites, then maybe javascript isn’t a good path.

If you are saying that you don’t want to learn from web sites, then that is a little tougher. If you aren’t going to take a class, then that just leaves books and web sites. You mention meetups. As cndragn says, those are a good way to supplement learning, but are not a substitute for the course work you get from the web site.

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Thank You all for answering my questions, I will keep that in mind as I may need it in the future thanks alot.

hi , im new in here… i hope i can learn alot in here… and i hope you guys can help me also :smiley: …