Hi, I'm New - Tribute Page Feedback Please

Hi everyone, I’m excited about learning all that I can to grow.

I’d really appreciate feedback about my first page:


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That’s really good, looks spot on! Good responsiveness, and I really like the colours. Makes the content pop!

The one semantic thing I’d note would be that you have used <figcaption> without using a <figure> which classes as an HTML error. This site is handy to run your code through before finishing up to note these smaller things.

Great job :grin:

Thank you. I’ll use the link and take a look to fix it up.

Nice landing page, Adamus.

Have you tried the css property: line-height?

p {
  line-height: 1.8;

You can put whatever value fits your screen. 2.0, 1.5.

Great job! The choice of colours really bring out your work

I fixed the HTML error from the <figcaption> with the help from the validator. I had to adjust the look of the top blockquote to match that of the bottom blockquote after the error fix.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Thanks @Roma.

I made the link more accessible by eliminating the unnecessary phrasing before the link and changed the wording to be more informative to stand on it’s own for users.

I’ve been reading that Accessibility is a growing/necessary focus. Thank you for the information and help.

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