Hi! I've just finished my personal portfolio project. Looking for Feedback!

With the recent completion of my portfolio project, I’m eager to share it and get feedback from you kind coders :wink:

My Portfolio

One thing I have definitely learned from this project is that I need to plan things out in the future. For this project, I was going from section to section with no real vision. As a result, while the page functions as intended, my code is a bit disorganized and sloppy. So aside from aesthetic and code based suggestions (which I definitely welcome), I’m also interested in organization tips. Thanks!

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looks good but I would definitely clean up the html. My video explains this here: http://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/codepen-tips-for-building-your-projects/5824

In CodePen, there are certain places where the external style sheets are supposed to be placed to help keep you organized throughout building your pen. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I knew about adding bootstrap in CodePen through that method, but I didn’t realize you could add other stylesheets and whatnot that way. Thank you!

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No problem @johnathan620 ! Glad I could help!

My critique:
The "Click to Learn More " on the menu is redundant and misleading (I was like “I want to learn more”, click, nothing happens, click, nothing happens, a-ah it is just a text).
Screenshots in portfolio section better be clickable.
Your page looks skewed on mobile (portfolio and contact me part).

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll consider striking (or at the very least rewording) the click to learn more text. I’ll definitely be sure to link my portfolio images. I wanted to do that originally… Must have forgotten. As for the mobile issues, I suspect thats because I used tables rather than wells. I’ll go back and fix that at some point. Thank you!