Hi there,I just have a problem,that's regarding to Cafe Menu App.Please help me as much as you can,Thanks!

Step 59

You can add a fallback value for the font-family by adding another font name separated by a comma. Fallbacks are used in instances where the initial is not found/available.

Add the fallback font serif after the Impact font.

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But judging by your question, you can read more about the fallback system on CSS here.

Font fallback is when a web browser selects a substitute font for a specific character, glyph, or language when the originally specified font is unavailable or does not support that particular character or speech.

When defining fonts in CSS, specifying a primary font family and one or more fallback font families is common. For example:

font-family: "Open Sans", Arial, sans-serif;

In this example, the primary font family is “Open Sans”, but if that font is unavailable, the browser will try to render the text using the following font in the list: Arial. If Arial is unavailable, the browser will continue down the list until it finds an available font.

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