Hi there, I'm new!

I just wanted to say hi, I’m new to coding and learning. Can’t remember the last time I went on a forum since 2010 (haha).

But extremely grateful to see there is a big community in tech. And cyber too.

My background is in photography, I’ve been working for 13 years happily but really needed change. I feel like I can have more financial freedom (and freedom in general) by getting better at coding than I would do as a photographer stuck in big cities forever. I might still shoot for some clients if the project is really exciting, or when I travel for landscape photography.

But you are definitely not who you think you are at 20, then 30. Priorities changes, life keeps on changing.

But I do have already some ideas of where I would be within 5 years; if all goes well and we don’t get hit by more viruses. I hope you are all safe and sound by the way.

Anyways, a huge thank you for opening a free space where people can learn. I will definitely recommend and support.

I never came across something like this in photography, sadly no one shares their technics about lighting, or clients, or software that easily at all. I suppose the market is so tiny that lots of people are scared. No matter if you are a big player or someone who just started yesterday. Which I think is quite detrimental to the craft itself. I’m not talking about sharing art and getting critics from strangers online, but actually pro stuff that works with real clients.

Anyways that was just a context, I’m very happy to make the move, and it’s really empowering to know there is always help and always something new to learn. There is also a demand for female programmers to keep the balance where it should be, so that’s also good news for me.

At the moment I’m looking for an apprenticeship in London, I’m 33 years old. Most of them ask for 3 months experience. I hope learning here will help me show that off, or building a portfolio with said websites. At the end I would love to work for environmental charities/causes if I’m being honest. Something I couldn’t really live off if I was doing it as a photographer as you are expected to do it all for free. And it gets hard if this is meant to be your job.

I think in any career, humans are just creative being. It’s a misinformation to think that just because you are doing art, you are a creative person.

The people behind this website are being extremely creative by opening doors and helping newbies like me to come and play.

I would love to hear from people perhaps with the same type of background, starting as an apprentice and it worked out for them.

Thanks all for sharing your knowledge, so much appreciated. There is so much positive we can do by learning in tech.



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