High school major

i’m mahta and a student in first sycle of highschool. i’m very confused these days because of my major in highschool and then my job! i wanna you guys help me choosing the major that i love it. i think i love art. but i don’t feel strongly about it. i don’t know how can i experience the majors before i choosing it in highschool.

Well, every country’s school system is different so it is difficult to give you proper advice. If you are interested in tech, I would suggest that route.

um, i know that the systems are different. but my question is not about the systems. it’s about favorites and interests. for example how did you find out that you are interested in tech?
our counselers say that you have to get close to the majors. our main majors are art, humanity, science, math and physics, humanities and some else.
for example if i think i like teaching, then i think what if i find out that i don’t like it! it means i fritter my time in a wrong job and ,major. i have to chose my major 3 mounth later. and i don’t know how to find my interesting major. a right chose in highschool opens my way for chose major in university.

Don’t look too far away, study what does interest you, don’t go for a path that you will not enjoy because you are thinking ten years in the future

What you study in high school should matter relatively for university, or at least that is for my experience, so now go for what may be interesting. When you choose for university you can go for something else.

well, you know i can’t understand my favorite as a job for my future. i wanna chose the most correct one. i don’t know am i interested in art or not. or is my favorite math and engineeriing. do i love teaching? i don’t know how can i answer these questions.
and if i findout that for example i love art, i think maybe i like scince more than art. and after that i can answer my mind.