Hikari Oe is a Japanese composer who has autism. for the first 10 years of his life he never responded to his parents voice until one day when he heard a bird calling on the television

Looks pretty good, I’m a noob myself but I can try to give a couple tips. I myself would change the following css values to center some things and help scale the image more smoothly on different sized devices.

(I’ve kept your top margins the way you had them but put the other margins to “auto” which centers the element.)

(the img is set to width:100% so that it will take all the parent element’s available space, and the parent element .picture is also set to width:100% so it takes up the full width of the container)

.picture {



.selected-works {
  margin: 40px auto; 

.external-link {
  margin: 25px auto;

Also you have a media breakpoint at the top of your css, these are used to basically change the normal css rules for certain screen sizes, so its not needed at the top. It’s only needed if you want to make certain css rules apply only to a specific screen size, and it would normally be at the end of your css.

hope that helps,
Good luck

Of course width: 100%; @media at the bottom of your code.
The margin: 40px auto; shorthand is the trick too. I should’ve of know.

Many thanks.