Hints about bugs suggestion

There should be a warning message of some kind on top of every exercise intro that notifies learners about possible bugs and how to handle them.

Sometimes just refreshing helps, other times you need to change your browser or click the reset code.

P.S For me googling stuff helped me to easily identify workaround to bugs, but before I was aware that bugs might exist I wasted time thinking something might be wrong with my code or i didn’t read the exercise corectly.

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The city I live in does the same with its roads… Instead of fixing the potholes in the road, they put up a sign to warn you about the potholes :slight_smile:.

Personally, I think its better that these bugs get reported appropriately and get fixed instead of adding a comment that there is a bug. This is an easy fix that imo could hurt the quality of the program in the long term.

Why not both?

I do agree a fix should be applied as fast as possible, but why let newbie developers waste hours if a simple warning that refreshing, resetting code or changing the browser can be a possible fix?

There is a process to get anything changed in the curriculum. Even if it is sometimes a “simple” fix, it, someone still needs to create an issue on Github, others review the suggested changed and discuss options for the change, change is submitted for approval and merging into the curriculum, and finally the actual change takes place. Sometimes it is more efficient to wait to implement the final fix rather than a temporary change and then later the final fix. They would need two separate issues raised and tracked.