Hints during the lessons gone?

I really liked being able to click on the get a hint button and it would take you to a little discussion that was a big help to me, but it seems that is now gone from the lesson section? Is that true or am I missing something?

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Me too! I don’t like the new site. I don’t like that the HINT is gone. I’m out. Finding another place to learn coding.

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If you find another place that was similar, please let me know!

For now you’ll have to go to the forum or the guide manually.

I agree. I’m aware that I can’t always use hints if I want the lesson to be beneficial to me, but it’s also frustrating if I can’t figure out something and am stuck there for the longest time (I also avoid clogging the ask for help if it’s not necessary). Hints before were displayed in incremental steps and didn’t give me the answer in one swoop, which helped me get closer the answer without having to be spoon fed too much.

I also really liked that these exercises were given functions, the links to Mozilla documentation. As a beginner coder, I don’t know and/or can’t remember all the functions that are relevant to the problem, but having it hinted to me that I can use them was helpful. I felt like it also taught me HOW to use them rather than it simply being just hints.