Hiring Assignments

I’m looking for a job as a front end dev, I’m applying at React.js dev / JavaScript dev / front end dev job posts, after applying for the job, I normally get a coding assginment. While in react, they ask me to create a react app, with components, ui and implementing some sample APIs, after submission, next week I would get this email telling me that they’ve decided to move on with other candidates, no feedbacks, though I ask for the feedbacks.
How can I make assignments that would help me land a job

Yeah, getting that first job is hard. And it’s hard when you get no feedback. Keep asking - especially when you get to the level where you’re talking to people. I wouldn’t ask for feedback when you submit your thing, but if you get rejected, then I’d drop a note - but don’t be surprised if they’re too busy.

As to getting feedback, do you have any coding buddies? You can also post and ask for feedback on the forum.

But yeah, it’s a long a frustrating process.


Can I post my whole assignment on forum?

Hello there,

On one hand, yes, you can. If you do, I suggest you post a link to your assignment (GitHub repo), or, better yet, a hosted version on something like CodeSandbox, Repl.it, or Glitch. The easier it is for campers to look at your code, the more likely they are to help.