Hit a roadblock with the JavaScript Basic Algorithm Challenges

I’ve been working my through the Javascript algorithm challenges and have got through most of them ok so far. I have looked at the answer for one or two and to be honest I think this was a bad idea as it’s not really helped me. I’ve got the seek and destroy challenge and this has really got me stumped. I know I’ve not really picked up a few things so is it worth pausing the challenges for now and go through a few tutorials to make sure I have a better understanding of things and if so what do you recommend? I’ve picked up Accelerated Javascript in a sale through Udemy and have started going through the videos on that to help improve my understanding of things. Has anyone else had to pause and do some further learning before carrying on?

That’s absolutely normal.
People learn at different paces/speeds.

In order to best help you, what do you feel is hanging you up in JavaScript?

@P1xt Awesome, thanks that does make me feel better! I thought that might be the case but it did catch me off guard when some of the things required for challenges hadn’t really been covered. I will definitely check out codeschool.com while its free it would be rude not to.

@pbenj At the moment the arguments object and still not really got to grips with the filter method fully. I also think I need to really go back over how to manipulate arrays as well because I have found that to be a sticking point. Nothing too major I don’t think just been having one of those crisis of confidence moments.

@jchancer10 The Search and Destroy took a little bit. Remember of the challenges is to build programming knowledge and strength. So, like everyone else has stated, pause do some reading and research. Then, return for another attempt.

Here are the reference links for the Search and Destroy challenge.






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I recently read the JavaScript guide on MDN. It’s not all that long, and gives quite a lot of useful conceptual information. It helped me to cement some concepts, and made me more aware of the many tools available in the language.

@jamesperrin thanks for the resources. I will be going through those later and that should help me with this challenge.

@dennis-wolfers I went through the MDN stuff but for some reason it just wasn’t sinking which is why I’ve gone on the hunt for other tutopias. Thanks for the suggestion though.