Hit a wall with the Javascript course

Hi all, I’m really struggling with the Javascript course, spent 3 hours yesterday on the first topic with the RPG game, and am only 30% through it, been at it an hour today and have only done 3 more steps but feel like I’m going through the motions rather than learning any of it. Has anyone got any recommendations for other sources I could look at before I continue as the course on its own just seems to be stumping me, feeling demotivated but don’t want to give up, feels like a huge jump from the HTML/CSS one and has just hit my like a ton of bricks!

Any help on sources would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Laura.E !

While JavaScript is going to be very different from HTML and CSS, the JavaScript course is still in beta and actively being worked on to make it easier for beginners.

Can you explain which topic this was?
We can take a look and see how to make it easier to understand :+1:

You can take a look at these video courses on freeCodeCamp which are really popular for beginner javascript

JavaScript is a very different way of thinking which differs from HTML and CSS.

I remember struggling with JS when I was first learning back in 2020. I learned JS from a variety of sources and it took some time and practice before it finally clicked. I was then able to land a job as a JavaScript developer.

So it does get better, I promise. :+1:

My suggestion is to take a look at those video courses I suggested to help you clear up concepts that you were struggling with earlier.

Hope that helps

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Hi! Thank you for replying, I will be looking at those videos immediately!

I tried going to youtube myself but there’s so many videos its hard to know where to even start!

I’m currently doing the “Learn basic JavaScript by Building a Roleplaying Game”, I’ve found some steps don’t tell you that you’re wrong, but the button itself doesn’t respond, although I did use the console thats available in this topic and actually worked out one error through that myself! (felt very proud!) But it does in general feel like a big jump, so again probably more a knowledge gap my end than something wrong with the course perhaps.

I think I’ll spend tonight watching those videos, and try again after work tomorrow. Thank you so much for replying so fast! Put a smile on my stressed face! :slight_smile:

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There are changes being made to make the course more beginner friendly :+1:

But the videos will help :+1:

If you find that you’re going on auto-pilot with the new JS courses, because they’re so step-by-step, you might enjoy the previous version. You can find it at the bottom of the curriculum page under “Legacy”. Rather than being project focused, it requires students to identify and break down the problem, make a plan, and then execute the plan.

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Learning your first computer language goes beyond learning a new human language. You don’t share the same cultural background with the machine.

While another human knows what a chair is. we just have different words, for a machine a chair is 01100011 01101000 01100001 01101001 01110010 . While it still doesn’t know what the object really is and will give abstract feedback when it doesn’t understand you.

No wonder it feels like hitting a wall learning your first computer language.

The good news is, like other already states, practice will make you more familiar with thinking in abstracts. In human language: Translating for the computer how to display the image of the car so the user can sell it :wink:.

Much success on your journey!

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I just started using the legacy one today, and yeah I am finding it much easier to follow! I think I’ll work through them both, and see how I get on, using the legacy one to understand the foundation. I’m finding the legacy one is making it feel more like studying than a challenge, so thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a fair way to go, but the legacy one, mixed with the videos, and giving myself a slap on the head for trying to treat this like a race instead of a marathon has definitely already made me feel way less anxious about it all!

I’m glad to hear that you’re finding an approach that works for you. Happy coding!