Holy crap! I just completed the Basic JavaScript: Word Blanks challenge

I am so chuffed with myself haha and had to share the joy! I don’t know what to say…i just laughed with shock when the completed task window pops up to say " You’ve got guts" in glorious green^^ completing that challenge confirmed to me that I must be doing everything right to learn and honestly^^ that I can actually become the developer I aspire to be if I continue to work hard towards my goals and vision for my life.

It felt like a small, but very important step towards something better. Thank you Freecodecamp for existing! I really want to donate too, but i’m so broke haha and I look forward to contributing to open source projects as soon as i am able to give back. I had actually lost my job and couldn’t afford to pay for team treehouses full stack javaScript Techdegree a month into it, so I had to start learning html and css again before jumping into JavaScript.

I had to keep learning in order to free myself from any more boring mundane “jobs” where you’re dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to be somewhere where you just don’t care about as a means of income or a form or work purpose.

I found this amazing site and I must say I actually prefer the content progression and no none sense approach to bare essential information to complete the challenges, but also encouraging you to inquire into further reading too.

Seeing function wordBlanks(myNoun, myAdjective, myVerb, myAdverb) throw me completely off the challenge! functions or parameters aren’t covered in previous topics leading up to the challenge, so i had to go back to my notes and inquire into them or i’d never have completed this challenge.

I’m really loving the challenges and I’m sure they get much harder, but I will solve them and pass them as I did with this one with determination and persistence. I was actually going to go to bed and try solving it tomorrow, but I just couldn’t let it go! onwards and upwards from here! i am now going back to learning more! sorry for the Spam ^^


Good job! That’s one reason why I love coding, it feels great to solve challenges :tada::clap:


It’s definitely not spam! Learning can be soo frustrating at times, we need those moments of joy! Congrats

Ps I’ve taken the past 48 hours to figure out a challenge and my pop up window said something like “ridiculously fast speed”. It didn’t seem so true lol


thank you Verde! It took me almost 2 days to solve the “Golf Code” in Basic javaScript! I actually shed tears of doubt thinking of i can’t complete this challenge, i’ll be stuck in a dead end “Job Trap” for the rest of my days. it’s only going to get more difficult, but this challenge taught me to respond not with doubt, frustration or emotion, but only to pay attention on understanding how to solve the problem, knowing exactly what the criteria is to pass the test and thinking each challenge I pass is one step closer to changing my life.

which challenge were you stuck on? These challenges are a great confirmation that you’re learning and progressing.

thanks, it really does feel great to know your learning, developing and building on knowledge. I know i’d need to continue to build programs, continue to learn once i’ve completed the full front end track. I need to be full stack in order to build a personal project, but one step, problem and challenge at a time and first things first right ^^

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Lol, I don’t remember which one I was stuck on, I’m so often stuck on something! I’ve got another couple of exercises to finish Redux. Then I think I’ll repeat all the React and Redux ones to make sure I’m actually understanding, and it’s not just sheer luck. or like a variation of that quote about enough monkeys and time would have a complete work of Shakespeare! (aka given enough time and attempts I’ll get passing tests!)

Oh no it’s never luck, and the quote about monkey’s lol is not true because it would imply that to learn and memorize means repetition which does not equal to learning. I’m a kinesthetic learner mainly, so I have to practice by experimenting and playing to learn and understand something, and partially reading and taking notes is from videos and lessons.

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P.s wow you’re almost ready to attempt the 5 javaScript projects? I’ve noticed the Redux and react sections don’t have many challenges, FCC must introduce you to the basics to build on later? It’s a relief though because the JavaScript section is a lot to take in.

There is some luck trying numerous variations of code to get the correct one! That said I am learning, although I need more resources than just here to understand things, but most people do. I also like playing to learn!

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It’s not the Js projects I’m almost ready to do, I’ve been working on the front-end frameworks section. It’s taken a while to get through the different subsections so I’ll have to review things for the projects! The React and Redux sections are certainly smaller than JS but require knowledge from HTML and JS. Ps One day I will actually complete the JS projects