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Tell us what’s happening:

Please i need to understand how to key in my questions in tasksolution.js. I’ve done all the needful yet no headway. Please help

more context is needed to help you

I need to understand please. I’m seriously stuck and don’t know whatelse to do.

I seriously don’t know what you are doing

what’s tasksolution.js? it is a file, I have no idea what this file is, or does m, or in what context you are finding it

I don’t know what you mean with “key my questions”

I don’t know what’s “all the needful”
I don’t know what’s happening, or what should be happening

I don’t know what you need to understand


The home study labs are a set of practice questions that would help you to put to use all that you have learned from the home study guide. It’s very important that you solve all the questions yourself. Though this won’t be any basis for your acceptance into the program but it would go a long way in helping you scale through the recruitment if done properly.


The steps below will help you navigate the home study labs. Do well to follow the steps one after the order. If you run into any problem remember, google is your best friend.

STEP 1: Make sure you have NodeJS installed on your computer. If you don’t head over to https://nodejs.org/en/. Download the one that matches your operating system(OS). Follow the steps to install Node on your computer.

STEP 2: Download the folder “HomeStudyLabs” on this google drive. Then navigate to the folder “HomeStudyLabs” from your terminal or command prompt. Check out this video on how to change directory to see how to do the above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjaCgavMO18.

STEP 3: Inside the directory “HomeStudyLabs” run “npm install” from the command prompt or terminal. This would install all the required dependencies.

STEP 4: Then run “npm run test”, at this point all your tests should be failing.

STEP 5: Then open one of the folders in “HomeStudyLabs” and open task file in it. Study the problem/question there and enter your question in the file named “taskNameSolution.js”. Provide your solution where you have been asked to enter it. Don’t modify the existing code in the file.

STEP 6: When you are done with a question, you can run the test for that single file by running “npm run test taskNameSolution.test.js”.

That’s all you need for the exercise.
It’s like an assessment and I’ve followed all the steps but still can’t find how to go about it.

now, what have you done? what errors do you get?

I’ve installed the node.js, downloaded and opened the Home Study Labs folders and accessed the tasks. Now the problem is how to write my assessment solutions and run them. The tasks can only be opened with notepad. Every other compatible apps refuses to open it.
How am I going to do it and make it work

open the task file, read carefully, plan the solution, then write your code, save

then exit and run the file called taskNameSolution.test.js (where taskNameSolution is the name
of the file you just saved) as instructed, so you can see if you did well or not

if instead you don’t know how to solve the tasks… try going through the freecodecamp curriculum, a few hours there can help you a lot

Ok. Thank you sir for listening to me

Hello @cheerfulkechem.

Have you done these tasks as well?
Because there it specifically say what to do to install the required dependencies for your code.
Also if it’s a zip file (I haven’t checked), be sure to extract the content before you can be able to modify any file.

If you are working with web development code, I strongly suggest to abandon notepad and move to an IDE/editor like Visual Studio Code or Atom. After trying them both, I can tell you I prefer Visual Studio Code.

Lastly, please remember that this forum (from what I understand) is in a large part supposed to be here to help those doing the freeCodeCamp curriculum. So when you ask for help, it is kinda supposed it’s related to some of the freeCodeCamp content.