Honest feedback on my portfolio

Hi everyone!

I’ve completed some of the projects here and got my hands dirty on a few challenges too, so I decided to compile all that in a portfolio to use in my resume.

I know it doesn’t have a contact page (yet) because I plan to pass it along with my resume and job applications where needed. Also you can take a look at the code on GitHub if you wish. I am interested mostly in design considerations (as if it looks good and attractive for a potential employer). I want to focus more on the UI/UX side, so please free to tell me your raw opinion on it. Here it is: portfolio link

Thank you.

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Hi @flynn

Great use of Bootstrap. I found the page very responsive.

Happy coding

Thank you very much for your reply! :smiley:

I aimed for maximum responsiveness. Also thought of going with the dark theme to make it easier to scan. I know that a lot of employers hardly spend more than 1 minute to a portfolio. Do you think I should make the cards clickable and point to the project in question? I figured out they would be more interested in the code which is already available in Github so…

Lovely portfolio. Clean and straightforward. However, may I know why none of your projects have any links? I get that employers may not actually spend much time on your site, but I feel like it wouldnt hurt to just have links to each project.

Happy coding,

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Thanks for your input Joseph :smiley:

I wasn’t sure about linking the projects, but like you said, it couldn’t do any harm. After all, the visitor can basically choose not to tap / click the cards. Will add those as soon as possible.

Have a great day!

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