Hope to get some feedback on Tribute Page

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing great!)

Could you please give me some feedback? It’s not my first Tribute Page, but I want to improve it. Thank you so much in advance and have a great day)


Overall this is very nice. Just a few minor suggestions:

  • When I narrow my browser in all the way the content feels a little cramped (especially the block quote). I would ease up on the side margins in narrow view.
  • I didn’t realize the blockquote was actually a quote until I looked a the HTML code. I would add something to make it clear that this is a quote, perhaps double quotes around it? And I think the person’s name should line up a little better with the quote.
  • Center justified text can be hard to read for some people because it causes uneven spacing between words and it is usually recommended by accessibility professionals not to use it.
  • The <heading> should probably be outside of the <main>, especially since it has a <nav> in it. The <main> should be the start of your content and shouldn’t include the menu.
  • The text you have in the figcaption should probably be in the alt text instead. It is a very good description for blind people but you don’t need to tell people who can see the image what they are looking at because they can see it :slight_smile: The caption text would be for information that isn’t necessarily obvious from looking a the photo, such as the date this photo was taken, or the location, or the reason why it was taken. If you don’t have any additional information then you could just put his name in the figcaption. See Alt vs Figcaption for further discussion.
  • The wikipedia link at the bottom should include the entire phrase “Viktor Tsoi’s Wikipedia Page”. You always want to try and make the link text describe exactly where the link will take you.
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Wow, thank you for such an in-depth review of my work. I like that you look into so many “small” details, that overall make websites more accessible to a wide variety of users.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!)

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