Hoping for feedback on my Pomodoro Timer

Here’s the GitHub page

and here’s where you can see it in action!

Please check it out if you have a minute. It doesn’t work yet on mobile devices, but I think/hope it should work on all, current, major browsers. Graphically it’s (ahem) basic, you might even say retro (if you were generous).

I’d love any feedback you may have: functionality, code quality/readability, general impressions.


Edit: I am working on learning how to write modular code, and using webpack + babel for building it. The source files are in the /src folder (original, I know), and I hope that the code itself is self-explanatory. Again, please share any feedback you may have.

Hmm, you haven’t gotten any responses yet, so let me try. First of all, I really like how you went for the circle look, I don’t know why but it feels the “right” way. Also the filling circle is fun to watch instead of doing actual productive work.

Now the the feedback:
1.) when I click on the clock the timer starts, it would be great if there was visual confirmation that something has happened. Currently the timer just starts - that is one second of uncertainty that might be avoided (I chose not to allow the app to send notifications)

2.) when you click on the circle again the counter resets which feels like a rather easy way to confuse a person. I’d rather expect the clock to stop and for me to have to press an extra button to reset it.

3.) The options panel feels a tad messy and feels like it could use a little love to make things look organised.

All in all - nice job! Keep up the good work.

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Hey! Thank you :slight_smile:, I’d kind of given up on getting a reply. I’ve been thinking about the points you mentioned, I just wanted to get the functionality in place before dealing with them.

It’s nice you like the circle, it was a major headache to get right!

The logic behind it sure makes your head spin a bit, but it’s a great stepping stone for further work.

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