Host the postman collection to the heroku

I am working on the postman collection. Now, I want to know that after creating different get and post route, I have to run the collection manually but I want to automate the process so it will run the collection after certain time like we host twitter bot on heroku and bot can easily tweet the tweet after certain time.
I want to have functionality similar to bot, so, my collection runs automatically after certain time.
Take the example of this slack weather bot
Now, if I want to run this I have to run this collection manually by clicking the run button, but How I automate the process so, it can automatically send notification to the slack channel.
I think I have to host it somewhere but I want to how to do that?
Please anyone help me with this.

Have you already searched for things like postman automate etc.?

I think this is the way to go.

Other then that, you can send simply send the requests from your application, Postman is just a GUI to send http requests.

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