Hosting Images, etc. (Dropbox replacement)

Hi All,

Dropbox will soon drop their “Public folder” altogether. Until now i’d been using this for hosting images and such for my FCC projects. I haven’t really kept on top of or ahead of this pending issue, since i’ve been out of FCC stuff for the past few months (new job, and other bad excuses).

What do you guys use, other than Dropbox? Git? Google Drive? I need an alternative, and am open to suggestions! Preferably it’d be a ‘free’ service, otherwise i might as well look into to self-hosting.

Many thanks.

Github is better, I think, There CDNs are pretty good, Hosting on Google Drive can be a little more frustrating then it looks.

Yeah, i did hear it was a good option, but so far i didn’t really dip my toes in to Git. But hey, no time like the present! Thanks. :slight_smile: