Hosting options for a client project

This will be my first client project and i plan using the MERN stack + graphql and socket-io. It’s a dashboard where the client can track and see logs on transactions(manually inputted). What are the best hosting options you think i should use? i’m trying to cut down cost and also make things easier for me in a long run. Thank you

The traditional suggestion was Heroku, however they have deprecated their free tier. Now the “free tier options” left are more limited, and may require credit card signup, even with their free tier.

Due to your requirements of using graphql and, you can’t leverage options such as Firebase+Firebase functions, or Vercel. These provide back-end support with a free tier, but don’t provide an environment where socketio or graphql could be used.

This leaves more “generic” run-times, and thus leaves 1 main “simple” option.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean’s main service is Droplets. This “IaaS” or infrastructure-as-service offering is akin to a “computer in a closet”. Where you pay DO for a droplet with specific performance spec (CPU/HD/RAM/etc) and then can manage it yourself how you see fit. DO will keep this machine running, but thats about it beyond a few extra services like backups.

You’ll have complete control over what software is run, how its ran, when its ran, etc etc. This will allow you to use it for graphQL, and possibly even run other projects on the same droplet at the same time.

Pricing goes as low as 4$ a month, with super straight forward pricing and management. You can easily increase the droplets specs if you need more, but you’ll have to pay more for increased performance.

Other similar options would be the main cloud provider’s such as AWS, Azure and GCP. However none of these are as easy or straight forward to use as Digital Ocean.

Thanks a lot. I will definitely use Digital Ocean IF I most use Graphql and Socket-io

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