Hosting website, what options to choose?

For web hosting, I use I’m using the “FREE Web” plan to host my blog, But you can’t use SSH or other features, just the plain and old FTP, with a MySQL DB. There is a cpanel too.

Sometimes they offer a good discount for the paid plans, but once you upgrade, you can’t return to the free plan, I learned it in the hard way… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why not write out your own server and host it on herokuapp?

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Heroku. Free 3 containers with 512MB RAM each for $0.00 - the good place to start.

Looks like today is 2007, not 2017.

Sir, can you please share out link?

To begin, check this :
Amazon is free for 12 months.

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You can register a dot com and point that to a heroku app. I used whois to register. A year was under $10.
heroku pulls a git repository ( and uses that to build a webserver, so you are free to build different types of servers, like node.js, php, ruby on rails, and so on.

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This is good advice, except you actually don’t need to have your code on GitHub at all to serve it to Heroku. Heroku is also a remote git repository, it just isn’t viewable through an online UI like github is. So if you have a private project and don’t want to pay for a private GitHub account, you don’t need to upload to a public GitHub repo and expose your code.

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Hostgator was bought out by the EIG company resulting in support and reliability going rapidly downhill. I suggest you avoid any of the EIG owned companies. This site does a pretty good job of listing them:

What are EIG companies ?

I believe he means that there is a corporation named EIG that bought out several hosting companies. If you look at the list he gave, it looks like EIG is a corp that bought or owns these. According to the article once EIG aquires a company, the quality usually goes down. Kindof like Apple owns Beats.

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If you are new to hosting, then all that you need is a managed hosting company with a cPanel control panel. You can try checking out companies like SiteGround or WP Engine. You want a hosting provider at a fair price, 24/7 support is a must, 1-click installer, and free SSLs. Watch out for domain registrars as your hosting solution and you should be fine.

EIG = Endurance International Group
If you follow the link I gave you will find a better explanation on that site (It is not my site nor is it an affiliate link).

Here is a list of hosting firms I recommend after extensive research:
Green Geeks

The best I know and using is

so… what about your own hosting… I’ll try my own hosting with node

What is your budget? What is your requirement? These are the questions you must consider before choosing a web host. I would recommend a managed hosting environment. I would suggest you not to choose a web host only based on reviews, instead signup for free trial and explore the environment. Managed WordPress cloud hosting platform is a featured filled hosting platform that enables bloggers, designers, developers, and agencies to easily manage and deploy applications on Vultr, Google Compute Engine, DigitalOcean, Amazon EC2 servers, Linode and Kyup. Features like:

1- Optimized and managed cloud servers.
2- 1- Click installs of WP, Woo, and Multisite
3- Scalable servers.
4- Dedicated IPs.
5- Server Monitoring
6- SSH and SFTP access
7- Unlimited Staging URLs and website installs
8- Git Integration.
9- Easy Multi SSL integration and One Click Free Let’s Encrypt SSL installs
10- Ability to add Team Members.
11- 24/7 Support.
12 One click website Clone and Server Cloning
13- Automated and free backups
14- One Click restore option
15- Cloudways WordPress Migrator for quick and free migrations.

Hi @lakedejavu

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, then you can opt for Linode or Vultr. Both are considered as the most reliable solutions.

But be sure, you need to know sysadmin stuff to handle the server. If you are not, hire one, or go with a managed hosting solution that will handle the server for you. RunCloud, ServerPilot, Cloudways etc are few of the names that helps you to manage the server easily.

Alternatively, you can also go directly with managed hosting providers like: WPEngine, GetFlyWheel, Kinsta etc.