Hostinger website hosting

Can anyone help me host my website from git repo on Hostinger ? I have purchased domain name and hosting plan .

Hey, fellows! I am using Hostinger hosting on my website Laptops Papa. I want to improve page loading speed, so my pages can pass Core Web Vitals. Can you please put some recommendations to achieve it quickly.

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After committing some mistakes, I was finally able to do it. Thank you .

They are suggesting to compress image size, and it really helps to improve loading speed. What is your current speed, which is displayed on your Hostinger dashboard ?

Thanks for your time. Current speed is around 80. Which process should I follow to compress images in a right way without loosing quality?

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Apologies for the delay in responding. I wanted to inform you that I have been utilizing a reliable online tool called Easily compress images at optimal quality in seconds. to compress images for my website. This compression process has significantly improved the speed of my website.

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