Hotel Survey Form done!

Hello guys!
Finally finished my survey-form project! That was not so easy)) and I know its not perfect :sweat_smile: please take a look and suggest what to change
Thank you :slight_smile:


inputs, and checkboxes look a bit boring, maybe use a framework like semantic ui

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Great work . . . looks cool

Nice survey form.
One recommendation… Change the cursor to pointer when you hover over the submit button. This will help your users to know that the button is clickable.

  1. the for attributes and ids do not all match for the labels and inputs (e.g. name=“fname” and id=“name”).

  2. If you use border-color: transparent; instead of border: none; the inputs won’t jump when you click into them.

  3. I might stack the form a little bit sooner.

  4. I would center the textarea and its label when the form is stacked.

Good job on the form.

It’s interesting,

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It looks very nice! Your age input is not required, even though you have an asterisk next to it.

Yes, I forgot about that, thank you)

It looks really great. I like the layout changes for smaller screens.

A few suggestions:

  • There’s a space missing in “hear about”
  • The comments text area could be a bit wider on desktop.
  • Maybe change the font-family in the text area. I would make it the same as the other text inputs.